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Blue Ribbon Classic

2014 MCLA Online Sale Results

Three Way Acres Three Way Acres
Willow Green Willow Green

Lot 1
Three Way Acres - Tag 4122

- Ewe
D.O.B. 1-3-14
Sired by Diamond Eyes
Dam: SNP 95

We decided to dig into our keeper pen for this sale. Here is a ewe that balances extremely well. She is round rib, big topped and is good fronted. This ewe can show all summer and then go right into your breeding program this fall. This is the only Diamond Eye female we are selling this spring. These females are extremely hard to let go! Bid with confidence.

Lot 2
Willow Green Farm - Tag 77
D.O.B. 1/31/14
Sire: Big Shot [Bullet x Wildfire x Major League (Ammo's Dam)]
Dam: Recruit Daughter

We wanted to improve our herd and decided with Johnson Club Lambs (OK) track record this was a great way to go. When we had the chance to buy Big Shot we jumped. The dam is also special to us. Her lambs did great last year for our daughter including 3rd Overall at MLE and the twin won 4 jackpots shows. Here is your chance to jump on a very good lamb with a great track record.



Platinum Club Lambs Platinum Club Lambs

Lot 3
Platinum Club Lambs - 1207
Cross - Ewe
DOB: 2/7/2014
Sire: Drop Shot
Dam: 4D Large x Dead Miller
Drop Shot is a Brickyard x Night Moves and is the ET brother to Dropperts ram Angry bird. The Drop Shots have been in high demand this year thanks to the extra pin width, power, rib shape, and great front ends and this one is no different. This ewe is dead level hipped, big topped, great ribbed, and big legged. We were ewe lamb heavy in the early set this year so take advantage of one that should show well, and then take her home to breed.

Lot 4
Rockin H - 1718
Cross - Ewe
DOB: 1/18/14
Sire: Super T
Dam: Choctaw

Here is a ewe lamb with the genetics to be a brood ewe and the phenotype to show as a market lamb. She continues to get better as she gets older and probably shouldn’t leave the farm. When she first caught my eye I was really excited, because I had expected a lot out of her mother and she definitely delivered. Her profile is outstanding and she has a dead level hip. Super T is a Viking ram. He is a Super Duty son out of a Super Duty x Creole ewe.



GBF Club Lambs GBF Club Lambs
Three Way Acres
Three Way Acres

Lot 5
GBF Club Lambs - 411
Hamp/Cross - Wether
DOB: 1/30/2014
Sire: Frappe
Dam: 1029

Out of our Frappe ram, an Obsession son x Havoc ewe.This heavy boned wether has always been a stand out. This guy is full of muscle and plenty of shag. He will be a fun lamb to take to jackpots all summer and have that competitive edge. We would be able to arrange transport to East Lansing per the buyer's schedule. Photo does not do this lamb justice as it was the first time being handled.

Lot 6
Three Way Acres - 4145
Cross - Wether
DOB: 2/15/2014
Sire: 3183 ( RABx Gambler)
Dam: Gambler Breed: Cross

We have been saving a good one to sell on this sale out of our keeper buck from last year (3183). Here she is. 4145 is round ribbed, with a wedge topped that flows back into a big hip that is dead level. Did we mention her momma is a Gambler daughter that working her way to the top of our females? You can jackpot her late then turn her in with the buck. Expect good things out of this female.



Willow Green Willow Green
Craig Farms

Lot 7
Willow Green Farm - Tag 1166

D.O.B. 1/3/2014
Sire: Bush League (Unleaded x Smoke)
Dam: Incognito (Elliot)

This female is very impressive from the side and extremely big topped when you handle her. Bush League lambs are know for being big boned and "fuzzy" like everyone is looking for. She is very complete and will work well in the ring and as a brood ewe.

Lot 8
Craig Farms
Cross - Ewe
Sire: Diamond Eyes
Dam: Road Hog (TWA)

We hate to let this one go but we are keeping her 1/2 sister back; very pretty ewe with great breeding; an excellent show prospect as well as replacement ewe! Very correct, tremendous rib shape and an explosive rack.
Don’t miss out on this one!



Palmer Farms
Platinum Club Lambs Platinum Club Lambs

Lot 9
Palmer Farms -40
Cross - Ewe
DOB: 1/3/2014
Sire: D Howard 8005-08 (Brian Johnson)
Dam: Palmer 1269 (Ott)

We wanted to consign a Southdown but with all the interest we had in them , we sold out in our auction. So this cross ewe comes right out of the keeper pen. Super long, good on her feet and a nice touch. If your looking for a great breeding piece look right here!

Lot 10
Platinum Club Lambs - 1228
Cross - Wether
DOB: 2/6/2014
Sire: Whirlwind
Dam: Bonafide x 4D Large

Whirlwind is the full brother to Begalka and Elliot’s Upgrade buck owned by Droppert club lambs. 1228s dam is a really good Bonafide daughter from Powercat club lambs that is the twin sister to the champion lightweight at IN state fair. He is huge racked, great in his rib cage, with plenty of lower leg, and shapely. He didn’t want to cooperate on picture day, but don’t hold that against him.



Willow Green
Rockin H Rockin H

Lot 11
Willow Green Farm - Tag 1145
D.O.B. 12/13/2013
Sire: Big Shot [Bullet x Wildfire x Major League (Ammo's Dam)]
Dam: Toga x Payday (Harms)

Straight from our keeper pen. Again out of our new Johnson buck. Not only is this ewe a twin from one of the barn favorite wether but the dam has a winning history in this sale. Her lamb last year was Reserve Overall Ewe in Show at the sale. She followed this by placing in the top 2 at both of the futurity shows. She is very impressive, feel free to come take a look for yourself.

Lot 12
Rockin H - 1720
Cross - Wether
DOB: 1/20/14
Sire: Super T
Dam: Triple Crown

Lots of bone and shag here!
This lamb will be an easy feeding wether for summer shows. The mother of this wether goes back to an Amstutz ewe out of True Blood. Super T is a Viking ram. He is a Super Duty son out of a Super Duty x Creole ewe. He is better than his profile picture shows.




GBF Club Lambs GBF Club Lambs

Lot 13
GBF Club Lambs - 427
Hamp/Cross - Wether
DOB: 2/6/2014
Sire: Frappe
Dam: 52

427 is a freaky muscled, huge topped type of wether that everyone wants to show. He is out of our Frappe ram that is a son of Obsession X Havoc. This wether has the eye appeal to catch any judges attention. We would be able to arrange transport to East Lansing per the buyer's schedule.



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